Who We Are

Our vision is an investment world without borders barriers or minimums. So we set out to build a platform where anyone in the world can easily access any asset class in the world with just $1. We’re starting with US stocks.

Our team

Rohit Mulani

Founder & CEO

Norman Wanto

Co-Founder & CTO

David Grant

Co-Founder & COO

Alysha Randall


Lex van Lynden

Marketing Lead

Timothy Leonardo

Client Experience Lead

Angga Yatmika

Marketing Manager

Sheena Mulani

Content & Social Media Manager

Andhieka Putra

Lead Engineer

Ibelio Chandra

Senior Engineer

Aditya Hendraatmaja

Backend Engineer

Nicolas Darmadja

DevOps Engineer

Maria KBG

Finance Manager

Yolla Destika

HR & Admin